About Us

We’re a distributed company that’s committed to making software that helps us grow as people and enjoy software once more. We opened our doors to the public in 2022 and have since worked hard to exceed our values and continue to deliver amazing software for the masses.

We believe in Open Source, making the vast majority of our work is available under the BSD or GPL licenses.

Money flow

We value the privacy of our users, and generate revenue through selling our apps and services to end-users. This business model is what allows us to operate independently and for years to come.

Our revenue is handled through a simple pipeline:

  1. User buys or subscribes to a product– this results in a small fee (2,9%+0,30¢) deducted from the original cost by Stripe, our payment processor. This allows Stripe to stay profitable and handle the costs of processing cards and other payment methods.
  2. We pay off server costs for that month– currently, there is no estimate to how much we spend, as we haven’t launched our services yet. This cost is covered as soon as logical to ensure that we can stay afloat.
  3. We split income amongst employees– right now, we’re a team of two; meaning a 50/50 split for both of us. In the future, our gross income from Michiru will be here.
  4. We pay taxes.
  5. We save for our future– be it college and university, a future project of our hopes, or our plans to live out in the middle of nowhere, we spend a little and save a lot.

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